7 Top Features

Daycare should revolve around the child. With this philosophy we have developed a product that eliminates paperwork and offers accurate, up-to-date information. In this manner the attention is focused on the child, as it should. Bitcare is for management, employees and parents.


Optimal communication with parents

Parents have entrusted you with the care and development of their child. A large but rewarding responsibility. With Bitcare you can show parents how well their child is doing at any moment of the day. Parents can work without any worries because they know their child is in good hands. What could be better?


Simple attendance and activity registration

3Product Eenvoudige aanwezigheid en activiteiten registratie

The pedagogical employees record all the children’s daily activities with a few touches on the iPad. Pictures can also be shared immediately with the parents. Everyone involved has an up-to-date impression of the daily goings-on at the location(s). And everyone sees the same information.


Continuous insight into scheduling and available spaces

Scheduling children and employees can be a complex task with today’s increased flexibility. Bitcare takes this task off your hands. It makes schedules for each child, group, location, the entire organization, and for employees based on the child-group leader ratio. The scheduling function for children and employees is easy to set up and can be accessed and changed any time. Immediate insight into the available spaces is possible and they can be filled or changed actively online. Parents can be actively involved in the scheduling of their child. Scheduling is simple, you only have to approve or reject.


Important information digitally available

Working digitally means always having all the important information up-to-date and at your fingertips. No more paperwork. You can immediately view things like the emergency list, contact information, medical information, protocols and children’s files.


Insight into events at the various locations

Knowing exactly what’s going on. Very helpful when dealing with multiple locations or if you want to know how it’s going from another location. With Bitcare you always have an up-to-date account of the daily goings-on. If an extra day is scheduled or a day is exchanged, you see it immediately.


Integrated personnel and payroll administration

With Bitcare Personnel you have all the HR information in one central location. Information about contracts, employment conditions, payroll costs, expense claims, leave requests, capital equipment, documents and much more. It’s also easy to manage the payroll administration yourself or to outsource it to Bitcare. Employees can view the scheduling online, request leave, view their file, claim expenses and much more. With the payroll administration and the handy time- and money-saving options you have total control of your labor costs and processes.


Invoicing and management information with one touch of the button

Invoices are created automatically for the parents based on the scheduling, a fixed monthly fee, actual hours present or through an advance payment whereby the expected days used are taken into consideration. Processing of subsidies, deposits, fines and extras are processed automatically. Invoices are sent directly to the parents and are visible in the Parent Portal. The creation of direct debit files, credit management and links to financial packages is also possible. Management reports include the out-of-school care pick up list per school, the monthly revenue and reports per location.

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