Today we have made several new and improved functionalities available to you. Below you can read which new and improved functionalities we have implemented.

Calculation tool fixed monthly price
When you work with a fixed monthly price, it is often calculated how many hours a child comes on average per month. This calculation is often done via a calculator or telephone. This is no longer necessary! To simplify the process for you, a calculation tool has been added to the child contract under the heading 'prices', which immediately shows the hours per planning rule(s).

Calculation tool 

Document types 'Policy', 'Mentor policy' and 'Educational resources'
In order to be able to filter even faster on documents that you are looking for, we have added 3 new document types. With this you can easily assign documents relating to policy, mentorship or learning resources to the type created for that purpose.

Invoice current month
In the settings you could already indicate whether you invoice in advance or afterwards. You can now also edit the location settings to bill the current month. When you set this, the current month is automatically selected during invoicing.

Insight sent payment reminders
It can happen that parents have to be reminded to pay the invoice. If you open an overdue invoice in Bitcare, you can now also see if you have already sent a payment reminder to this parent. At the top of the invoice you have a 'Reminder' button if the invoice is overdue. If you press this button you will see when you have sent the reminder and what exactly you have sent.

Adjustment of time registration employees (only for Bitcare Staff users)
To simplify the handling of the hours we have added extra information within the tab 'Time registration' for employees. Depending on how you compare the hours, the totals and the difference are now displayed in a simpler way.

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