Today a new version of Bitcare is available. We have made the following new functionalities available to you.


New profile for the child, the parent and the employee

Instead of showing the complete profile in one tab, we have now created several tabs that each serve a different purpose and that can or will not be visible on the basis of the employee's role. Within 'Today' all current information is immediately visible. This way you can see when someone is scheduled, has been ill, has applied for leave and which requests are still awaiting approval.

The tab 'Personal' contains all the information that was previously found in the profile. In addition, employees have an extra tab called 'About', where function-related information is displayed. In the tab 'Log' you can see again who has seen the personal data (tab 'Personal') of the child, the parent and the employee. For the record, this could also be Bitcare employees. Also shown are the adjustments that the parent or employee has requested and that were previously shown in the 'Adjustments' tab.

Alex Profile Today


Anonymize children, parents or employees

From now on it is also possible to anonymise children, parents or employees within Bitcare, so that they are no longer visible. For example, it may be that a parent, who is no longer a customer at your reception, does not want his child to be visible in Bitcare anymore. It is important that the rules with regard to the retention of tax legislation are respected.


Own text in e-mail of the invoice

When invoices are sent via Bitcare, a standard invoice text was always sent in the e-mail. You can now easily create your own personal invoice text in the settings. An e-mail text can be created for (credit) invoices, payment reminders and reminders.


Create a price per half day

If you work within Bitcare with a price per day, you can now also link a minimum daily price for x-number of hours. For example, you can indicate that a different amount will be charged if the child is checked in and out under the minimum number of hours. You can also set this minimum number of hours yourself.


Report: unauthorized leave

In the report unauthorized leave, you can see at a glance who was absent in a specific month without cancelling of the day in question.


Report: children with school

The report children with school shows all children who are linked to a certain school. You can also see in this report the start and end date of the child's contract.


Report: school pick-up list per day

In addition to a school collection list per week, it is now also possible to run a school collection list per day. Big difference compared to the school pick-up list per week is that the school pick-up list shows the name and the telephone number of both parents per day.


Report: week planning with start and end times

The weekly planning with start and end times is often used as a report to give the GGD insight into the planning of a particular location. In the previous release, a functionality was added to sort the schedule based on age. The week planning report with start and end times can now also be sorted on the basis of age.

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