A slow iPad can be caused by different things, such as the version and the model of the iPad. Below we have prepared a number of tips that you can carry out yourself to speed up your iPad.

Tip 1: Make sure that you are running the latest version of iOS that is suitable for your iPad.

Tip 2: Make sure you have enough free storage on your iPad. You can see this in the settings.


Tip 3: Make sure you do not have too many apps open. (By double pressing the ‘Home button’ you can drag the apps up to close them)

Tip 4: Look at the amount of local data in the Bitcare app by pushing ‘About’. If this is more than 500Mb, we advise you to 'Reset local data'.


Note: only delete local data if all data has been uploaded, otherwise the unsynced activities will be lost.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that we are currently supporting an iPad2, however this iPad is from 2011. These iPads are older than 5 years and it can not be expected that they are super fast.

Marijtje Doets from Almere has been working with Bitcare since January 2018. At 9 locations with more than 200 child places everything was done with Excel. But why actually Bitcare?

'The main reasons for working with Bitcare for us are saving time and optimizing parent communication, according to owner / director Anneke de Kruijk. We had found our own way in the old familiar Excel, but because of our growth and new legislative changes, we knew it could and should be done differently. So far, the switch to Bitcare has been fantastic for us. '

'Where we previously spended 5 days on the invoicing and everything involved, we are now in total lost 2 to 3 hours. This includes the direct debits, credit invoices and contract changes. We have time left to do other important things. Time that we can put into the development and care of the children. Working with a Parent App is also just a thing of the future. We receive many positive reactions, especially about the photos. In addition, parents now also request the schedules via the Parent App and we only have to approve this. Frankly, my team and I are still amazed at the enormous time savings. '

'During the start-up period we also used the import of all data. The only thing we had to deliver was an Excel sheet with the details of the children and parents and within a few days all children and parents were in Bitcare. I can say that the switch went smoothly. Bitcare offers a helping hand and we have good contact. That gives us a lot of confidence and was ultimately the deciding factor. During the start-up phase they visited a number of times and we are very well informed about everything that comes with it. However, even after the start-up process, when we have questions, we can always contact the friendly supporters. I can definitely recommend joining Bitcare. '


Anneke Marijtje Doets


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With pleasure we look back at our Customer Day. Watch the aftermovie here!


With pleasure we look back at our Customer Day. Watch the aftermovie here below!


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