Everyone always informed

Working digitally on the work floor means having all the important information up-to-date and at your fingertips. No more paperwork, and everyone always sees the same information.

Simple recording of activities

3Product Eenvoudige aanwezigheid en activiteiten registratie

On the work floor the pedagogical employees record all the children’s daily activities with a few touches on the iPad. Besides activities, notes can be recorded, or a short story, a group activity and/or something special. Everyone can follow the daily goings-on. Photos can also be taken and shared on the spot with the parents. By recording arrival and departure times the time registration is automatically up-to-date.

Chatting with the parents

With the Bitcare ‘Chat’ pedagogical employees can send a message for the parents. The parents are notified on the Bitcare app and can respond. This keeps the atmosphere in the group calm and lets you know that the father will be fifteen minutes late because he’s stuck in traffic.


On the Bitcare App the pedagogical employee can easily view the schedule and make any necessary changes. The schedule is available by child, group, location and organization. Questions from parents about extra and exchange days or leave can be processed immediately. You can also see which employees are scheduled to work. This makes paper schedules redundant!

Child file

With the Bitcare app important information about the child is at your fingertips in the child file. For example, parents’ contact information, medical information and a child’s allergy. There are also a number of icons that show you if a child is sick, has a birthday, is on leave, has an allergy or needs to be given medicine today. The daily rhythm, a medical statement and drawings can easily be added to the child’s file as documents.


Werkvloer app

You can download the Work floor app in the Appstore. This app is only available for iOS. This means that you have to work with an iPad.

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