Bitcare Personnel

Bitcare Personnel is completely integrated with Bitcare, the total solution for day care centers. The integration ensures that information does not have to be entered twice and that the impact of changes and modifications is immediately visible to those involved.

Bitcare Personnel

  • All HR and payroll matters in one central location
  • Improves the collaboration and communication with everyone involved
  • Available online everywhere, at any time
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time and money

All HR matters stored centrally in the Cloud

With Bitcare Personnel you have all your HR information in one central location. In Bitcare Personnel you can store all your information regarding contracts, employment conditions, payroll costs, expense claims, leave requests, capital equipment, documents and much more! Your employee information (in addition to the children’s) is in one location, which gives you a better insight into your organization and reduces the number of things you have to do twice to access essential management information.

Optimal collaboration in HR

Bitcare Personnel really puts your people first with Employee Self Service. With a laptop, tablet and smartphone your employees have 24/7 access to HR matters. Each employee has their own dashboard on which they can view their own personnel file and schedule. This is where one can view, among others, the scheduling, vacation days and payroll slips. Bitcare Personnel also offers the possibility to enter one’s own leave, hours and expense claims. As a team this lets you work quickly and transparently, with a clear overview.

Bitcare Personnel reminds you!

You will no longer lag behind events. Bitcare Personnel will remind you in time of all the important events like expiring contracts, expense claims that have to be paid, who worked overtime and even your employees’ birthdays! Thanks to Bitcare Personnel’s notifications you can act alertly and attentively.

Attendance registration

With Bitcare Personnel employees can easily check in and out. Of course attendance lists can be handed over for the municipal health authority. With the help of reports the payroll administration can also be checked.

Easily manage the payroll administration

Bitcare Personnel also offers you payroll administration. Not mandatory but very useful! With the payroll administration and the handy time- and money-saving options you have complete control of your labor costs and processes. This is because you get a clear overview of your entire payroll settlement. You can let Bitcare Personnel completely automate the creation of payslips. On the basis of the existing contracts and the modifications entered, calculations are easily made. You can also link to the financial administration and to the tax authority. With Bitcare Personnel you virtually eliminate problems like miscalculations, omissions and delays!

Valuable management information in one click!

To give you a better overview and more insight into your entire HR file, Bitcare Personnel includes a number of automatic reports. Because knowledge, figures and overviews offer you as entrepreneur in day care the structure that’s valuable for your business. You can compare your feeling with the crystal clear reporting in Bitcare Personnel. These reports let you immediately retrieve information like leave balance, cost overviews, personnel turnover and action lists. The reports contain diagrams, graphs and tables that allow quick interpretation of the information. You can use this information to manage your organization more effectively!

Advantages of an online solution

  • Always access to the latest version of the software; everyone works with the same version and information
  • Automatic updates of calculation rules in the event of changes
  • No in- or external system management needed for updates and upgrades
  • No purchase of software licenses for the operating system
  • No purchase of licenses for the databases


Bitcare Personnel Basic

Personnel file, scheduling, training and education, leave, absence, time for time, capital equipment, expense claims, notifications, employee self service, management self service, multiple private companies, multiple locations, reporting, Word merge, +/- hours, commencement and termination of employment, link to Exact Online.
€3.00 per month, per active contract excluding VAT

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