For Ambitious Day Care

There’s no way around it ‒ times have changed for good. To manage these changes properly within the day care sector it’s important not to wait around, but to react adequately. Looking ahead is a must!


Bitcare makes quality visible

Good day care stands out by the way the days are planned, the activities offered, and how group leaders relate to the children and the parents. With Bitcare you can make the quality of your day care visible to parents throughout the day.

Bitcare provides greater customer satisfaction

With the Bitcare Parent App parents can get informed about the events of the day and see photos when it best suits them. The result is increased customer satisfaction.

Bitcare increases revenue

Satisfied customers are the best word-of-mouth advertising you could wish for. And this kind of advertising guarantees more revenue.

Bitcare ensures satisfied employees

Your employees will enjoy smarter, more efficient and more modern collaboration with Bitcare. Bitcare makes their jobs more fun!

Advantages of Bitcare

  • One total solution for management, pedagogical employees and parents
  • Available online anytime and anywhere
  • Everyone is always informed because everyone always sees the same real-time information
  • Short learning curve due to Bitcare’s simplicity and ease of use
  • Work digitally both on the work floor and in the back office
  • Improves internal and external communication
  • You provide insight into the quality of your day care and improve it with Bitcare
  • Optimizes the collaboration and communication with all those involved
  • Saves time and money

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