About us

Bitcare was established in 2011 by Aad ‘t Hart, who, from his years of experience at Exact, wanted to help the day care sector in the Netherlands and Belgium with offering an online product in which the focus is on the child, and so doing, make the quality visible to everyone involved. Bitcare’s management consists of Aad ‘t Hart, Roel de Beer and Joan Bassa.

Our vision

In day care everything revolves around the child, but unfortunately sometimes the paperwork prevails. We think that the focus should be on the child, and based on this philosophy we have developed an innovative digital solution that takes most of the paperwork out of your hands, letting the focus return to the child.

We believe in the future of the tablet. The tablet is mobile and user friendly, allowing it to be easily used on the work floor of the day care center. That’s why we have developed an app for the tablet, which is used on the work floor by the pedagogical employees. This way the information can be recorded at the source ‒ the child ‒ giving the day care center better information with which to make decisions about quality and efficiency. By using Bitcare the attention can return to where it should be: the care for children and their development. No more piles of paperwork; Bitcare takes it out of your hands.

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